The Firm

Law firm oriented to comprehensive attention of companies and particulars

Laporta & Arbós is a law office with more than 30 years of experience.

The firm is formed by a multidisciplinary team with professionals from the business and political field, oriented to comprehensive care of companies and particulars.

The diversity of our clients, both local and foreign, as well as the variety of issues in which we have intervened, has made the members of the firm specialise in different areas of law, which allows us to offer coverage to practically all the legal matters; These services include advice on financial and fiscal services, corporate law, investments, capital markets, real estate finance and conflict resolution, among others.

New practice areas have been gaining strength in recent years in Laporta & Arbós given the trajectory and experience of its members: the advice in Sports Law and Sports Management for both professional athletes and clubs and institutions, and the area in Projects and International Infrastructures, which increases the framework of the firm.


Laporta & Arbós is based on three basic concepts: specialisation, cooperation and comprehensive and effective customer service.

One of our distinguishing characteristics is the practice of Law framed in principles of specialisation and efficiency, together with a personalised and integral attention to the clients.This quality, added to the academic capacity of our professionals, has resulted in the growth and permanence of clients over time.

Laporta & Arbós is composed of lawyers who practice law as a liberal profession, without losing their original traits by practicing it using organisational methods that come from the business field. The cooperation with professional economists has meant the expansion of our scope of action, adapting the advice and the service to the current needs.

The quality of our professionals is a fundamental one. That is why we pay the utmost attention to the selection of our members, not only in terms of their professional but also human qualities. In addition, we encourage improvement through academic action and continuing education, both nationally and abroad.

Our history

Laporta & Arbós started its professional activity in Barcelona in July 1988 with only four lawyers, including partners and associates.

Actually, we have a structure that allows us to offer comprehensive advice to the company in all areas, thanks to the cooperation between the different members of the organisation.

Along with the growth experienced in recent years, the members of the firm have maintained the firm decision to maintain the culture and values that allowed to distinguish ourselves and gain the trust of clients since its founding.

Founder members Joan Laporta and Xavier Arbós