We advise the sportsman in fiscal, procedural, labor and property matters

We analyses the fiscal situation of the athlete and designs the most efficient structure

  • Tax advice regarding the exploitation of the image rights of the athlete and the promotion of his professional career;
  • Analysis of their patrimonial situation and patrimonial tax advice;
  • Analysis of your tax residence and advice on international tax matters;
  • We advise the taxation of contracts, income declarations and IRNR, tax inspections and resources, and we offer a continuous tax advice in everything related to your personal entities.
  • Commercial advice in the formalisation of the contracts of the athlete with clubs, sports brands, agents and contracts related to investments and businesses that the athlete has an interest in subscribing, as well as in the contracts for the exploitation of their image rights.

We guide and offer the athlete the most appropriate means to manage their heritage

As experts in real estate law, in Laporta & Arbós we advise the athlete in all investments made in this sector:

  • Contracts for the sale of houses and apartments.
  • Participation in real estate investment funds.
  • Leases of flats and business premises.

We advise the athlete in procedural and labor matters

  • We defending the athlete in all types of lawsuits.
  • We intervene as a legal address in the procedures known to the ordinary jurisdiction or in Arbitration before the CAS / TAS and other institutions.
  • We advise the athlete in labour matters; labour lawsuits, resolution and termination of contracts and disciplinary proceedings.
  • Regarding foreigners, especially those related to residence and work permits, family reunification and obtaining nationality.