Real Estate and Urban Planning

Construction, promotion, financing and real estate and urban investment

Laporta & Arbós provides legal advice in all matters related to construction, promotion, financing and real estate and urban investment


Laporta & Arbós has a team of professionals with extensive experience in real estate, property, construction and Urban Law.

We provide legal advice to promoters and builders as well as private owners in the planning, development and operations of real estate developments of all kinds. Likewise, our Law Firm has professionals specialised in advising and hiring the legal businesses of this legal area:

  • Purchases
  • Urban and rustic leases
  • Easements, swaps, surface rights


  • Planning advice, drafting, challenge and processing of municipal urban plans, partial plans, urban improvement plans, special plans
  • Urban management: compensation boards, conservation entities, expropriations, urban agreements, as well as in the areas of urban planning, planning licenses and industrial and commercial implementations

Planning and Construction law

Laporta & Arbós has extensive experience in comprehensive advice to construction companies or concessionaires of public works or services that include both administrative and judicial actions in the entire area of specialisation.

Our law office has a special participation in advising companies holding and the exploitation of road concessions.

Also, within this area of action, our professional services include advice, among others, regarding the following matters:

  • Building licenses
  • Defects and pathologies in construction: contractual and extra contractual liability (decennial)
  • Competitions and auctions of public administrations
  • Administrative contracting of works
  • Obligations and standardised contracts for the construction sector: construction contracts, swaps for future construction, joint accounts, and housing cooperatives