Fiscal and Taxes

Economic and financial consulting

Laporta & Arbós offers its clients an integral and personalised advice in the fiscal and accounting area, tax procedures, resources and claims.

The advice includes, among others, the following services:

Accounting record

  • Advice regarding any type of consultation regarding accounting regulations and information processing.
  • Information and updating of accounting novelties.

Management of tax obligations

  • Preparation and presentation of tax declarations and settlements.
  • Calculation and liquidation of Corporate Tax.
  • Preparation and annual deposit in the Mercantile Register of the Accounting Books and the Annual Accounts of the company.
  • Information and update of the fiscal news.

Tax and tax advice

  • National tax planning through a complete analysis of the tax issues affecting the ordinary activity of the company, in order to ensure the correct and more beneficial application of tax regulations.
  • Resolution of fiscal, accounting and financial consultations related to the ordinary activity of the company.
  • Information and update of the applicable fiscal and tax regulations.